Bryomonitoring Canada

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What for?

If you’d like to participate in the bryomonitoring survey, we ask that you reserve the area you would like to sample so that we don’t oversample any one place!  We chose the National Topographic System 250k grid to divide up the country. 

Grid sizes vary based on their location within Canada, but are approximately 100 km by 150 km.  We are hoping to collect samples from up to 5 locations within each grid.  If you would like to volunteer to sample more than one location, we suggest selecting sites about 20 km from each other to get the best spatial representation.

Please reserve your grid below, and request a sampling kit to be mailed to you (or make your own, it’s easy!).

Need help?

If the above map isn’t displaying properly or working for you, please contact us at and we’ll help you reserve a grid.

What's Next?

You’ve Reserved Your Turf, so now you need to learn how to Spot Your Moss and then Pick and Package your samples! Use the links below to find out more.


Spot your moss

Search for two common species of moss. They’re easy to spot once you know how!


Pick and package

Send it to us for analysis in our lab.