Bryomonitoring Canada

How to

Find your

Not sure how to grab your coordinates to note down on your field sheet?  Here’s a couple of different ways you can find out your location.

Using Google Maps

Almost everyone has Google Maps already on their smart phone, or can access it through the browser app.  Here are the steps for finding your coordinates:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your phone or navigate to it through your browser app
  2. Touch and hold where you are on the map.  A red pin should appear.
  3. At the search bar at the top or the dropped pin menu, the coordinates will appear.  These are the latitude and longitude.  Please record them on the field sheet and sample bag.

Using a GPS

A handheld GPS is a great tool for field work and a must in remote locations.  Each GPS is different, so please consult the user guide for your particular model for instructions if you are unsure.
We prefer coordinates in latitude and longitude, but if you are providing coordinates in UTM coordinates, please be sure to note down your UTM zone!