Bryomonitoring Canada

How to

Make your
own kit

If you didn’t request a kit to be mailed to you, you can make your own using the printable field sheets we have provided and some simple supplies.  You will need:

Field sheets and guides

You will need to print out a field sheet so that you can note down vital information such as location, conditions, etc.  Consider bringing an extra copy or two just in case!  You can download it here:

You may also want to bring a field guide so that you can identify stair-step moss and red-stemmed feather moss.  We have made a printable field guide that you can download here:

Permanent marker and pencil

Since moss is often sampled in damp conditions, it takes some care to make sure notes and labels don’t smudge.  Please use a pencil for completing your field sheet, and a permanent marker (sharpie) for labeling your sample bag.

Brown paper lunch bags

Basic brown paper lunch bags are ideal for storing the moss when sampling.  Plastic bags aren’t suitable, since they trap moisture and will cause mold to grow on the sample.  Bring more than one bag; if your moss sample is wet, it might be necessary to transfer it to a new bag.  Don’t forget to transfer the label to the new bag!

You can purchase brown paper lunch bags at the dollar store, supermarket, etc.

It’s important not to touch the moss sample with your bare hands, since you may contaminate it.  Wear clean disposable gloves you get from the pharmacy, supermarket or dollar store (don’t use fuzzy gloves for keeping your hands warm, for example).  If you volunteered for sampling at more than one location within a grid, please use clean gloves for each site.

GPS or smart phone

You will need to find out your coordinates for noting on your field sheet using either your smartphone or a handheld GPS.  If you’re not sure how, here’s some help.

Mailing envelope

When your moss is dry, it’s time to package it into an envelope with your field sheet(s) to send to us.  Please address it to:

Bryomonitoring Canada
The School of the Environment
Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9L 0G2

Thanks and happy sampling!